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You’re a little bit country, he’s a little rock-n-roll, you’re a vegetarian and he’s a carnivore, you root for the Patriots, he’s a Cowboys fan, what could you possibly have in common? Yes, your love of yoga! More and more couples are practicing together, I see it all of the time. It generally starts by the woman dragging her significant other to a class. You can see it in the guy’s face and body language that he really doesn’t want to be there, but he gets through class and most of the time, he’s enjoyed himself. Why do women want their men practicing next to them? The biggest reason that I’ve heard is that they want their guy to reap the benefits, mostly flexibility and weight loss.

Other reasons…

1. they want their guy to know how hard it is and how hard they work!!
2. they want to share the time/experience with him
3. they want to calm him down a bit
4. they want him to dismiss the idea of yoga being a “chicks thing”

When Bjorn and I first met he was already practicing and I thought it was a good sign that he liked yoga. That was five years ago and after 2 years of marriage, a baby, and 2 yoga studios, he loves yoga and isn’t complete without practicing or meditating daily. What do I love about having him next to me on his mat? Well the sweating I could do without! HA! I love feeling his energy and hearing his breath. I love seeing his dedication to his practice but most of all I love sharing our passion for yoga.

I believe that yoga cultivates patience, forgiveness, and understanding; all qualities that are crucial to a relationship. Can yoga help to strengthen a relationship? Absolutely! Practicing yoga with your significant other can clear your minds and allow you to let go of your daily grind, your to-do lists and outside forces. This may be the only time that the two of you have to sit quietly, take a few deep breaths and energize your bodies and minds. This is your time to find mutual respect, love and admiration for yourself and each other. Honor the commitment that you have for each other and the commitment you have for your practice. The couple that practices together…

This blog was inspired by one of the many couples that practice here at 3 Bridges: John Golumb and Marlisa Geroulo. I think that John was dragged to the studio by Marlisa but I’ll let them tell that story. I love teaching them together, they have a loving and peaceful way about them which emanates around the room. They are warm and friendly people and have been so supportive of us and our studio. I love that I catch them sneaking glances at each other and think it’s the most endearing thing that they hold hands in savasana. To me, John and Marlisa are yoga, a perfect union.


John and Marlisa

1. What brought you to yoga and what is it that keeps you coming?

Marlisa – A search for peace and balance originally brought me to yoga. What keeps me coming back is discovering that I can transform through breath; inhaling potential energy and exhaling limitations.

John – When my mother came to live with us there was a lot stress and when I saw your 3 weeks for $33 I said why not give it a shot.
I appreciate the mental calming and clearing that I feel from practicing yoga. Also how much more flexible my body has become.

2. What poses benefit you the most and how?

Marlisa – Ustrasana (Camel Pose). It’s physically and spiritually heart opening. Stimulates entire front body and the digestive, respiratory and circulatory systems.
Vrksasana(Tree). – Balance and connectedness to earth, focus on concentration, connects me to my midline sense of safety and stability.

John – Savasana (Corpse pose) – It’s one moment in the day that my mind and body can be completely still.

3. How has your yoga practice affected my relationship?

Marlisa – It has had the ability to help me be more in the moment and to navigate my life off the mat with more discernment and clarity.

John – When we start or finish the day with yoga I find it very grounding and a great way to reconnect with each other.

4. Are you competitive with each other? How so?

Marlisa – We are usually very competitive with each other, but not in yoga.

John – We are competitive, but not when it comes to yoga.

5. Do you feel your practice is different when the other is not there?

Marlisa – Yes, I feel that it was at my urging that John tried yoga, so I feel a level of responsibility that he gets the most out of his practice.

John – Yes it is different, when Marlisa is there its reassuring if I’m not sure of a pose I can look over and see how she is doing it. She has a beautiful practice.

6. What would you say to other couples who have not yet made it to the mat together?

Marlisa – Because yoga is not just the asana but the spirituality behind it we can offer each other assistance and assurance through our journeys both separately and together.

John – Give it a try. It will bring your relationship to higher level.

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  1. teri martin says:

    This is so inspiring and insightful, Jodi — thanks so much for sharing this with those of us that love to teach yoga and practice at 3 Bridges. I remember you and Bjorn taking many classes together, several years back, and witnessed how yoga brought a special dimension to your relationship. So happy to see that Marlisa and John share their practice together – a great interview – keep them coming!

  2. Kate Moran says:

    This blog brought a smile to my face this morning. I feel like John and Marlisa anchor the room when they are in class together-such a great couple.

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