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Whoa, what a summer so far! It’s going by real fast for Jody and I with a lot going on. I imagine it is the same for everyone. I’ve had many different blog ideas over the past month, but just haven’t had the time to sit down and write. I also wanted to reach out to our community to let you all know the status update of 3 Bridges and where we are headed.

We Miss You
You may or may have not noticed, but Jody and I aren’t teaching as much. We’ve had to do this for many reasons, biggest being we now have a little boy – Theodore Bjorn Turnquist, born June 30th. He’s a wonderful kid, but at night with a rambunctious 2.5 year old, the witching hours are long and bed time routine is man to man defense. But, both Jody and I miss the daily teaching routine. Most of all we miss you, whether you’ve been with us from the start or just getting involved with yoga.

The Next Generation
Jody and I will still always teach some regular classes, but there are a lot of yoga teachers wanting to teach. There are only so many classes in a day, and we try to give everyone who wants to teach for 3 Bridges an opportunity. You’ll notice several new faces over the next couple of months. See what the next generation has to teach.

One of the hardest things I have to do every month is manage the yoga schedule. From analyzing attendance stats, to managing teacher schedules and updating the website, scheduling is hard. When I sit on my soap box, I don’t want to publish teacher’s names on the schedule. For me, this leads to preference and attachments, both causes of suffering. I know many you “suffer” when we switch teachers from your favorite class. This is your time to practice letting go of attachment and preference. Don’t you know all the teachers from 3 Bridges are teaching from the same system?

The System
3 Bridges Vinyasa Yoga, at the highest level, is broken down into 3 components.

1.Accessible and Successful
– we want everyone to do yoga and everyone to succeed in the yoga room. This will only make the world better.

2.Consistent and Creative
– we want you to get a consistent yoga experience so that the practice can do it’s work. Creative so you can experience different things every class.

3.Spontaneity and Heart
– When you balance #1 and #2, it allows for a perfect expression of heart and spontaneity in the yoga room, from both the teacher and the student. It’s a union and timeless experience.

The best thing that happens for me from a teacher standpoint, is when our teachers adopt our guidelines for sequencing, alignment, presentation, and themeing, and then apply their own knowledge, training and history to the practice. It becomes something else and something really beautiful for everyone to experience.

Want to Learn It?
Jody and I won’t be teaching as much going forward, because we will be focused on leading 200 hour teacher training programs. We spent the first half of the year planning and writing out our program. 180 contact hours plus 26 non- contact hours. This program is approved by the Yoga Alliance, meets their standards for curriculum, and we believe will be an awesome experience for all those involved. Check out details

Stay With It
Summer is a great time on the seacoast. Who doesn’t love our beaches, golf courses, decks and just plain fun in the sun. It can be very easy to fall away from a yoga practice. For me, as we transitioned from one to 2 kids, finalizing 200 hour teacher training programs, and balancing friends and family, I spent a little less time on the mat. You know what happened? – My mind became busier with attachment, worry, preference, planning, remembering, etc,. My body got a little softer and not as flexible. I stopped noticing the beautiful things right in front of me. Thankfully, I have a supportive wife and a job conducive to practicing yoga. Thankfully, I have a practice that helps calm my mind, strengthen my body, and connect me to the divine. Do the practice without question, let go of the results, and see what happens over time.

What’s next?
Forget about that, enjoy your time right now. But we do have some exciting new things in the works, in addition to the meticulous detail, skill and heart that our teachers pour every day into every class for you.


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