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September 29th – Back Bends Intensive


On Thursday September 29th from 6-8pm, we will be hosting an intensive class led by Mimi Loureiro of 02 Yoga. Cost is $25 if registered before September 22nd, and $30 until the event. You can register at the studio, or email [email protected]

Back bends represent a wonderful physical counter pose to all the sitting, bending, standing, and slouching that we do all day long. They also provide a great way of changing our perspective. Opening up the front of the body effects the emotional and energetic states as well. Back bends extend the spine, strengthen the core, and stimulate the heart, throat, and solar plexus chakras.

This intensive will focus on the many ways to extend the spine. The intensives will balance playful kneeling back ends, with strengthening belly down, centering standing, and wall assisted upward facing bow variations. We will also do some partner work to build confidence and strength diving back into the great unknown and of course balance it all out with twists, forward bends and inversions.

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