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Portsmouth 6th Birthday


In celebration of our 6th birthday serving the Portsmouth community, we will be having an open house on Saturday March 4th. All classes are free with giveaways and prizes at each class. We will also be offering 15% off all class cards (limit 2), memberships and merchandise. So, it’s a great time to sign up or stock up.

The line-up of classes are as follows

8:00am, 60 minutes, Every Body, with Jody
9:30am, 60 minutes, Every Body, with Bjorn
11:00am, 90 minutes, Vinyasa Yoga 101 with Bjorn
4:00pm, 75 minutes, Restorative with Essential Oils with Michelle. (Restorative props are limited and will be first come, first serve)

Thanks for a great 6 years!

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