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One Year Anniversary


It’s hard to believe that one year of 3 Bridges Yoga is almost upon us. It’s been an incredible journey for us and the support of this yoga community has been awesome. As a thank you, we’ll be having an open house on our anniversary, Wednesday March 7th. Free Classes will be at 7am (Every Body), 9am (Every Body), and Noon (Beginners), with a special charity donation class at 6:15pm. This will be a 90 minute Round Robin format taught by 3 Bridges teachers. Click here for details on the charity class.

We will also be offering giveaways at each class, discounts on class cards and memberships and more. From the deepest bow we can give, thanks for one great year.

Namo Namah!

Bjorn, Jody, Zoe, Allison, Marla, Lindsay, Emily

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