Na ma not gonna say it


At the end of a yoga class, the teacher will bring you out of savasana or corpse pose. You will wake the body up with small movements. Then you will curl up on your right side for a few moments. Then you come to a seat and the teacher will offer a final few words and says Namaste. Then the students in the class say Namaste back and you go on your way. But, we’ve noticed, not everyone in class is saying it.

Well, that’s ok. There are probably good reasons why you wouldn’t say it. They are…


I’m not trying to be dogmatic or force anything out anyone’s throats. Yoga is all about choice. You choose what aspects of yoga you want to integrate and what parts you don’t. This happens all the time in yoga for me. A teacher will offer something – a physical cue, a piece of yogic philosophy, a song. And then I’ll do my best to feel and experience what they are saying or playing. I may have to practice it for a while and then decide if it was true for me. Then take it or leave it.

However, I think we should all say Namaste. Now, if you are new to yoga, I would understand that you wouldn’t know to say it, or that it might seem weird. For the first year of yoga, everything was foreign. Movements, cues, asanas, quotes, ohms, etc so it’s ok if you don’t know. But if you have been coming and make yoga part of your life, please say Namaste at the end.

Why? It’s kinda like saying Thank You. Take a moment to close your eyes now. Take a deep breath in, and a deep breath out. Say thank you over in your head 3 times. How does that make you feel? I believe that certain words have higher vibrations than others. For example, I love you is a higher vibration than I hate you. This is awesome has a higher vibration than This sucks.

Namaste is also a way of saying thank you to the teacher. The teacher just spent the last hour doing their best to make you feel better, keep you safe and aligned and to give you some peace. We say thank you to so many people during the day – toll operators, waiters and waitresses, in emails and texts, etc. Namaste is yoga’s way to say thank you.

Namaste is also a way to say Thanks to your life and world around you. We all suffer and have problems but we’re still here. We’re trying, have roofs over our head, have people that love us, plenty of food and abundance if you actually stopped to think about it. Namaste reminds us that we’re doing ok.

Namaste also is way to recognize those around you. Yes, we all come from different places, like different football teams, have different political view points, but maybe if we just took a moment in our day to recognize others, the work they are doing, their light, their person, it might make a small difference.

So, if you aren’t going to say it, that’s ok. But maybe give it a try. Hell you just did an hour of Simon says. Why miss out at the end?

For my Next blog – Oh No-ohm I don’t. 🙂


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