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March 7th – 6:15pm Charity Donation Class


On March 7th at 6:15pm, in conjunction with our one year anniversary open house, we will have a 90 minute Every Body Charity Donation Class. All proceeds of this class will go towards yogaHOPE.

The money raised from this class specifically supports yogaHOPE’s TIMBo program, which will pay the salary for 3 Haitian community leaders for one year. The program is assisting the women and children in the tent cities to begin to heal from the trauma of the earthquake.

One of our students, Erin Bryant, is personally going down to Haiti to conduct these trainings. Way to go Erin to help and serve others.

Suggested donation is $20, but any amount is appreciated. This class will be Round Robin taught, by all the 3 Bridges Yoga teachers.

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