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Join Gretchen in Portsmouth on Sunday June 22nd from 4-6pm for a two-hour workshop focusing on inverted poses such as Handstand, Forearmstand and Shoulderstand. Inversions can bring up a lot of emotions but fear does not have to be one of them! Going upside down can make you feel fearless if you approach it from the right perspective. Handstand and Forearmstand have great benefits but so do the less flashy inversions like Down Dog, Dolphin, and simply lying down with your legs up a wall. This two hour workshop will break down the more challenging aspects of the poses to make them accessible for everyone. Expect to spend a good amount of time warming up before going to the wall to learn tips and tricks to get your feet up off the ground. This workshop is appropriate for those who have been practicing yoga for at least a few months and have a strong yoga foundation.
“Fall down seven times get up eight”

Cost is $20 for Members, $25 for Non-Members and $30 day of per class. Class is limited to 20 spots. Buy Now or register at any studio or over the phone. There are no refunds or exchanges for this class.

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