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June Schedule Changes


Summer on the Seacoast, nothing like it. Here are the changes for June. Durham schedule stays the same.


New Classes
Tuesday, 7:30am, 60 minutes, Every Body, Jessica (starts June 8th)
Wednesday 7:00pm, 60 minutes, Balanced Athlete*, Carissa

Time/Teacher Changes
Tuesday 5:30pm is now 6:00pm, Beginners, 60 minutes, with Stephanie
Friday Noon is now with Bjorn or Jody
Sunday 9:30am is now with Niki F

Canceled Classes
Friday 5pm
Sunday 11am
Sunday 3:30pm

Balanced Athlete ™ is a class focused on structural integration (knowing how the individual parts of the body are designed to support one another) and movement efficiency. Each practice includes a specific set of exercises designed to make movements more fluid and efficient while improving mental focus. It’s interval format allows you to work at your individual level and pace making it suitable for all levels of movers.


New Class
Sunday, 8:00am, Every Body, Rotating

Teacher Changes
Tuesday 4:30pm is now with Erin
Tuesday 6:15pm is now with Erin
Wednesday Noon is now with Jessica

Canceled Class
Saturday 4pm
Sunday 4pm

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