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June Schedule Changes


Here are your schedule changes for June 2014. Welcome Summer!

New Classes
Tuesday 4:30pm, Every Body, 60 minutes, Emily
Sunday 8:00am, Every Body, 60 minutes, Rotating Teacher

Teacher Changes
Wednesday 9:00am with Emily and 60 minutes

Canceled Class
Sunday 4:00pm (will return in September, enjoy your seacoast summer time)

New Classes
Monday 7:00am, Nickie B, Every Body, 60 minutes
Friday 7:00am, Joanna, Every Body, 60 minutes
Saturday 8:00am, Every Body, 60 minutes, Allison

Teacher Changes
Thursday 9:30am is now with Marla

Canceled Class
Friday 12:00pm

Teacher Changes
Tuesday 7:00am is now with Michelle
Wednesday 9:30am is now with Gretchen
Wednesday Noon is now with Gretchen
Thursday 9:00am is now with Michelle
Thursday 5:00pm is now with Keith
Thursday 6:30pm is now with Carissa
Friday 9:30am is now with Nickie B

Canceled Classes
Tuesday 12:50pm
Thursday 12:50pm

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2 Responses

  1. Kerry says:

    Hi! I was wondering if you’d consider adding a Sunday morning 8am class in Durham? The 9:30am is always packed so it seems like Sunday morning is a popular time to get to yoga! The earlier the better for me, too, especially those of us who would like to get to church with the family afterwards. Thanks!

    • 3BY says:

      Hi Kerry – thanks so much for your feedback. We will look to add an 8am in Durham at some point. Sometimes it’s hard getting a teacher that wants to do 8am, but we will try. In the summer, 8am is a great time to practice.

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