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January 2014 Schedule Changes


Happy New Year! Here are your schedule changes for January 2014.


Thursday 9:00am is now with Carissa
Saturday 8:00am is now with Gretchen
Sunday 9:30am is now with Allison and 90 minutes!! (Bjorn will return in February)


Tuesday 9:00am has moved to 9:30am with Allison, 60 minutes
Wednesday 9:30am is now with Jody
Thursday 7:00am is now with Joanna
Thursday 9:00am has moved to 9:30am with Joanna, 60 minutes
Saturday 9:30am and 11:00am is now with Carissa (Bjorn will return in February)


Check back in a few weeks. Durham full schedule will resume on January 20th.

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