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Inspiration for the New Year


We are excited to present this workshop led by former 3BY teacher Lauren Pitts. Lauren has been traveling the world deepening her studies of yoga and on December 28th from 3-5:30pm at the Portsmouth studio she will lead Open Your Heart and Mind: Philosophy, Meditation and Inspiration for the New Year.

This class will contain Pranayama, Meditation and restorative Asana and how these aspects of the practice bring more awareness and balance into your body and mind. It will explore two important ”living bodies of knowledge” found in classic Vedic philosophy: Ayurveda and Yoga through Patanjali’s Eight Limbs. You will learn which Asana practice is appropriate for your dosha, how to strengthen your three different bodies, and how to control the four functions of the mind. Open your heart to discover this ancient knowledge in an accessible and fun atmosphere, offering inspiration for a healthier, happier and more grounded lifestyle.

All proceeds will benefit Futbolución, a small non-profit in Costa Rica using soccer as a means for education and community development. Futbolución works in underprivileged communities training young people as coaches and leaders to use the sport as a platform to spread social messages.

Suggested donation of $10-30. Please pre-register at the Portsmouth studio or via [email protected]

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