Here I stand again
on the edge of change.
Courageously, I peer over this cliff.
Like lightning to a tree
my body is struck by fear.
It’s a fear so familiar,
but no less powerful.

The thinker is ever present here
as a collection of stories
write themselves in my mind.
Stories of what-ifs and have not,
fiction and failure.
It’s inevitable that these roots, newly sunken
shall be too soon displaced.
But still, resistance is sweetly tempting.

Ego does not easily turn away from temptation
and so my struggle ensues.
Time presses on untouched by my endurance.
My light, unkindly, displays no immunity
as its flame grows dim and energy drains.
The tide will never cease long enough for me to conquer.
And so I raise my white flag.

I sit.
Here on the edge between normal and unknown I am so completely shaken.
I yell.
I cry.
I crumple.
And then, I am silent.
I sit.
I breathe
slower, longer breaths
until I find my way back to the present moment.
There are no stories to be told here.
And so I rest.

In my surrender, I grow more comfortable on this edge.
I invite brief moments of excitement and exhilaration to wash over me
as I dream of new adventures.
Cautiously, I embrace inescapable change
and bask in the warm glow of confidence.
I encompass the strength of the universe
as I reflect upon the road that brought me here
to this edge.
That, too, was a road I resisted
until it was clear that it had been paved just for me.

And so, I can choose to stand here
forever at the edge,
face to the wind,
unable to turn back.
Or, I can trust.
I can breathe.
I can jump
And fly.


We wish Carissa the best with her transition and change up in Maine. We thank her for her service to the 3 Bridges community, and will miss her dearly.

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  1. Ning says:

    I did my first streaming class in our fishing camp in New Brunswick, Canada. Very nice. Ning

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