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Bring Your Own Friend


Share the gift of yoga with Bring Your Own Friend (BYOF) Week. From February 10th through February 16th at any 3BY studio, bring a guest to experience the benefits of an awesome vinyasa yoga class.

The Fine Print:
1. Friend must be a local resident.
2. Friend can not have a valid class card or existing membership to 3 Bridges.
3. One friend per class and you must be present with them.
4. Friend can only be brought once.

Other Gifts for You and Your Friend
1. Friend receives 20% discount for a class card or membership. Must be purchased that day.
2. For each friend you bring, you will be entered into a raffle for 5 class card. (ie, Bring 7 friends, get entered 7 times)
3. We’ll also give a 5 class card to one lucky friend.

Share the love of 3BY and bring your own friend.

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