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Arm Balance Intensive October 24th


Join Allison on October 24th in Portsmouth from 6-8pm for a two hour intensive class focused on arm balances.

Arm balances evoke different responses in everybody: they make some feel powerful, others intimidated. No matter how these poses make you feel, they are worth exploring because of the strength they build and the focus they require. Come, spend some extra time working on poses like side crow, firefly, peacock and more. You’ll get plenty of tips on how to make these poses work for your body and lots of tips for how to work towards them. This intensive is appropriate for those who have a strong yoga base and have been practicing for at least a few months. There will be lots of options and you’ll be encouraged to make the best choices for your body — striking the balance between pushing your edge and honoring your limits. Come and defy gravity with us!

Cost is $15 for members, $20 for Non-members, and $25 day of. Click here to purchase online or at either Portsmouth or Durham studios.

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