As we reflect upon seven years of making our hOMe at 3BY, we consider our origins and where it began.  This studio was not built on the foundations of ego, the hunger for money, desire to spread esoteric knowledge, or teach obscure postures ungrounded in present-day meaning.  From the very start this yoga studio was meant to be a home for anyone who wanted to try.

Founders Bjorn and Jody Turnquist built this business with their principles firmly intact ~ the first of which was the yogic moral imperative of Asteya or non-stealing.  They had no interest in taking practitioners from other studios.  In their hearts they wanted to bring yoga to those who had never tried it before and build a community of newcomers, the curious minded, and every day people who couldn’t see themselves within the too-common image of the typical, modern-day western yogi.  We are not insulting this image, but we acknowledge and believe that the pervasive presence of it is incredibly limiting to the many people who do not see their likeness inside it.  So Bjorn and Jody introduced their ideal image of what the yogi looks like.  EVERY BODY.  By openly sharing their own experiences with the practice and holding space for those who were drawn to that authenticity, they created a place for healing, exploration, and a new definition of what it means to be successful on the mat.

As the years have gone by, we have grown along with you, our amazing community.  We’ve added offerings and training programs in the interest of progressing your practice.  We’ve continued to hold space for newcomers on a daily basis.  We’ve seen practitioners come in with injuries and leave feeling vital.  We’ve witnessed many strong pregnancies.  We’ve grieved deaths.  We’ve seen yogis lose and gain jobs, lose and gain homes, lose and gain friendships, lose and gain mobility in the postures.  We’ve seen couples come together.  We’ve had frigid winters and mild winters, glorious summers and foggy summers.  We’ve taught tourists, locals, seasonal yogis and people just passing through.  We’ve hosted guest teachers from all over and we have a beautiful staff of committed teachers in house.  From the front of the room, as your teachers, we’ve had the immense privilege of seeing the moments of magic ~ your strength building in the smallest of degrees until one day you arrive at the destination of the moment, only to celebrate, and then begin another phase of journey.

And this is what we do now.  We pause to celebrate our seven-year cycle.  We hold gratitude in our hearts for all those we’ve been honored to hold space for over the years.  And we hold openness for the cycles yet to come.  Alongside you, we honor these cycles of growth so we can walk consciously and from a place of power within them.  The deepest bow and prayers for another seven-year cycle (and beyond!) just as incredible as this one has been.  Let’s travel into it just as we’ve been doing all along ~ together.