We are officially at the end of 2016 where celebrations are abundant. You have choices in how you approach this holiday season. Reminder, you always have choice. You may choose to be caught up in the craziness this time of year can bring or you can pause and focus on ways to improve connection, balance, love, overall wellbeing and happiness. How will you fuel your happiness in the upcoming weeks? Here are a few scientifically proven activities you can do to keep your soul smiling.

Gratitude. What are you thankful for? Like, beyond gracious, brings a smile to your face and makes your heart sing? Think of 3 things you are tremendously grateful for before you fall asleep each night and commit to a practice of gratitude.

Meditation. Go for a walk in nature. Take in your surrounding sounds. Sit quietly and focus your attention on breath. Lay down and perform a body scan. Even just five minutes a day has proven to change the way you feel.

Kindness. Pay it forward, volunteer, do something nice for a stranger or someone you love. Research shows, giving tends to lead to increased happiness verse always receiving. Give freely.

Be Positive. Stop focusing on the negative and bring to light all of the positive aspects of life. Replay a positive experience in your mind, get down to the details, be specific and watch that positive sensation wash over you. Bring that feeling up daily.

Make deep long lasting connections. Who can you rely on? Who is in your support network? Who can you take out for coffee? Expand your connections and deepen your relationships.

Find your Purpose. What makes your heart swell and brings your smile ear to ear? If you could do anything in the world, no restrictions to your dreams, what would you do each day? Bring more of that into your life.

Practicing just a few of these activities during the fullness of the holiday season can fuel your overall well-being and happiness. Do one, do them all, I challenge you to a mindful holiday season.

*Thank you to lululemon who is focused on #fuelhappiness this time of year and for whom these practices are outlined from.