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15 Classes for $100 limited time only


For the month of August, we are offering 15 classes for $100. This is a great way to keep your practice rolling into the fall. You can purchase this special even if you already have existing classes. It will start up when you existing plan runs out. More information about our rates here.

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  1. Terese Pawletko says:

    I’d like to go ahead and buy the 15 class pass…I can drop a check in the mail – hoping to be back to classes in Sept. Is it OK to buy the pass given I will not be back til Sept. at the earliest? I just got air-cast last week – that is for four weeks…may need to wear some kind of slipper with orthotics during yoga in order to avoid shredding the tendon again … SOOOO GLAD that things are growing for you/your studio! YOU DESERVE IT! I miss coming/cannot wait to return!
    Namaste, Terese Pawletko

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